Bollyviewer lives on!

By Bollyspektator

Dear readers of Masala Punch, Bollyviewer is no more. My sister and founder of this and a previous blog (Old is Gold) died in February as a consequence of cancer. Bollyviewer was so full of life and so interested in observing and participating in its ups and downs, that it is difficult for me to accept that I will no longer be talking with her or hearing her beautifully acidic comments on the world and its stories. It is difficult to accept that I will no longer be having fun, discussing Bollywood movies with her or hear her planning for her next blog post. Because yes, although she had not been posting actively on this blog in the last years, she was still full of plans for her future posts. Bollyviewer had so much more to say to the world and to hear from the blogging community, where she had found kindred souls and formed deep attachments. Thank you dear Anu, dear Madhu for the heart-warming tributes to Bollyviewer.

Bollyviewer enjoyed her life but she was also a realist and knew when the end was near. Her only sorrow then was that she was not allowed to end her life with dignity, at a moment of her choosing, but had to endure as it slowly and painfully drained away.

Zindagi, hasne gaane ke liye hai pal, do pal…

In the last year Bollyviewer and I had started with some posts, which I hope to share in the coming weeks and months. For now, here is one of her old posts, which I had enjoyed a lot. She had created this whole post after I happened to remark that the movie seemed full of “gobhi ke parathe”!

The paratha conspiracy: Mujhse Dosti Karoge (2002)

Originally published: Oct 3, 2008 on Old is Gold

A movie about email-pals? A story of true-love being above beauty? A love triangle? WRONG. In case none of you have caught on to it, the movie reveals a chilling international conspiracy to steal the process and exploitation rights of gobhi-ka-paratha (a cauliflower-stuffed Indian bread, hereafter referred to as g-k-p).

Gobhi ke parathe (image taken from this blog which also has the recipe for the parathe!)

The Brits left India (in 1947, after 200 years of misrule) with but one regret. In all their years in India, they could never pry the ancient recipe of g-k-p from the natives. Nearly 60 years later they decided to adopt a novel strategy to finally achieve their ambition. For the mission they recruited a gora – Raj (Hrithik Roshan)- who could pass as an Indian.

He was given intense training in London before he was let loose in India.

His mission in India: To get the secret recipe from the keeper of the g-k-p scrolls – a lovely Indian lady who goes by the name of Tina (Kareena Kapoor).

Raj, a self-confident young man, thinks the assignment is a piece of cake. He can sing and dance better than most Bollywood heroes and has more charm in his third thumb than anybody else has in his whole body. He is so hot that everything (even telephone booths) fall like nine-pins at the mere sight of him.

Raj arrives in India eager to begin his mission. He makes contact with Tina only to find out that Tina never does anything without her bosom-pal Puja (Rani Mukherjee).

Operation-charm-Tina is under way at once and Raj enjoys considerable success.

Puja, is somewhat suspicious.

But, Raj wins her over with his friendly overtures.

Just when Raj can smell the sweet smell of parathas, he finds out the Shocking Truth. His briefing in London was WRONG! Tina is not the one who holds the key to g-k-p – Puja does!!!

He tries to make-up for his blunder and rescue his mission by romancing Puja instead.

In this however, he comes against an obstacle in the guise of Puja’s admirer Rohan (Uday Chopra).

But Raj isnt one to give in so easily. He tries dazzling her with his hot good looks.

He comes over all SRK and drenches Puja with the force of his passion.

Puja is moved by his passion (for g-k-p) but is still unwilling to part with the ancient recipe.

So, while poor Raj is in the land where the sun never sets on g-k-p,

and Puja brings him g-k-ps everyday, the all-important recipe still eludes Raj.

Will Raj be able to successfully complete his mission? Will he manage to bring the elusive recipe to the rest of the world? If you want to find out, you need to go watch Mujhse Dosti Karoge. I’m off to make some crispy, yummy parathas of my own!


13 thoughts on “Bollyviewer lives on!

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! I needed this today. Yes, indeed, Bollyviewer does live on – not just in our hearts but through these wonderfully humerous posts and her witty captions.

    I’ll never be able to watch Mujhse Dosti Karoge again without thinking of g-k-p.

    Thank you, bollyspektator. 🙂 Please do continue to post.

    • I don’t think I would have remembered Mujhse Dosti Karoge but for Bollyviewer’s delightful interpretation of it!
      Thank you once again for your encouragement. 🙂

  2. The first paragraph of this post made me feel so sad, but the rest of it brought a big smile to my face. How delightfully witty Bollyviewer was! She could find funniness in the most mundane of films.

    Thank you so much for posting this, bollyspektator! Please do keep posting, whenever you can.

  3. Hi

    This is shocking news to me as I used to regularly interact with Bollyviewer. I was wondering at her inactive blog but never imagined that she was suffering from C. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I wouldnt have known but for this new post of yours

    • Hello Filmbuff, thank you for reaching out. Bollyviewer was diagnosed early last year, and there was a period in between when we all thought things were going very well. But she had also got distracted by her other interests and a demanding job, and somehow blogging had taken a backseat…although it had never been forgotten!

  4. This was an absolutely lovely read!
    Really sorry to hear about your sister. I revisit a lot of the old posts frequently and they always make me laugh (sometimes out loud). Such an incredible writing style, and an equally incisive yet lighthearted way of looking at things (from what I could sense). Thank you for sharing her old posts, looking forward to reading the new ones you share. Really grateful to have stumbled upon her writing! Showed me someone’s rich and vibrant inner life.

  5. Hey. Rest in Peace Bollyviewer and Love to you Bollyspektator. I discovered Old is Gold last night on Blogger. I read many of her writings since 2008 to 2014. Today, I found this page and was overjoyed until I read about her demise. Your sister has communicated so effortlessly through her posts in the span of half a day that it feels like a dear friend of mine has passed away giving me memories to cherish upon. I am glad that you’ll be continuing with her blog and look forward to the posts. Thank you ❤

  6. I had the absolute delight of getting to see your sister at least twice in person while she lived in North America and then again in Delhi a few years ago (or was it more like 6 or 7? time slips away). I had no idea until just today that she was gone. Please know how much she was loved and respected by those of us who read her and got to know her through the wonderful world of Bollywood blogs.

    • Dear Beth, It is good to see you here. I have heard stories from Bollyviewer about the times when you people met in US, and in Delhi and your trip to Fatehpur Sikri! She had really enjoyed these meetings and talked of you with warmth.

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