Pride and Prejudice: The Musical

When I last posted on this blog, I was sure I would be working on Bollyviewer’s posts immediately to keep this blog alive and importantly, for myself, to remain connected with the blogging world, a connection that I have enjoyed via Bollyviewer all these years. It was easier said than done! Not wanting to face that sense of loss, which intensified every time I opened one of her incomplete posts, I preferred to distract myself with the demands of routine life – work and family. Which only made it more difficult to start with again. That was until a few weeks ago, when I received a mail from Anu, asking how I was. That little message, a reminder of the world that I have more or less disconnected from in the last year, but which I realize I have been missing, has given me the push to start again. Thank you, Anu!

So, here is one of the posts that Bollyviewer was working on and on which we had had lots of fun discussing, even through her illness.

Perhaps you might think, as did I, that Pride and Prejudice has been done to death in films and series. There are so many versions of this (longtime favorite of ours) story, on celluloid, that the plot now appears staid and repetitive; and the dialogues are so well known, that the words seem to have lost meaning. Well, then you haven’t contended with Bollyviewer’s take on it. And I am not talking about the fantasy casting coup that she and our youngest sister carried out earlier, with some really interesting contributions from the readers, but about Pride and Prejudice: The “Bollywood” Musical.

Bollyviewer was of the opinion that if Pride and Prejudice was to be made in Hindi, then Hindi cinema has already written the dialogues – in multiple songs. In case you wouldn’t believe her, she had collected ample proof. Her intention was to display the proof to her readers using the scenes of one of her favorite adaptations – the 1995 BBC series. I hope I have done justice to her vision.  

[Who has come, Who has come, Such hustle bustle, this clamor, Or is it fireworks…
Song from film Katha]

[A guest of that sort, why would I be indebted to? Hundreds of thousands bearers of tresses, Come swirling around me, What can I say about myself!
Song from film: Tumsa Nahin Dekha]

[Sweetheart, o’ sweetheart, Your two eyes, O’ look, They have stealthily stolen my mind
Song from film: Chhoti Si Baat]

[Stop stop stop, o hey stop, O my darling give me a look, This heart of mine beats for you, This heart of mine yearns for you…
Song from film: Vijaypath]

[Not a cold, a cough, nor malaria, (S)he is gone, friends, (s)he’s got, Love, love, love…loveria
Song from film: Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman]

[Whether she’s light skinned or dark, Whether she’s full of airs, Get me a bride of any sort…
Song from film: Biwi O Biwi]

[O don’t be so quiet, Do say some something, Even just if it is day or night!
Song from film: Tumsa Nahin Dekha]

[Be grateful to me, o poor innocent, For I have loved you.
Song from film:Aan]

[Ah, that gaze of theirs, For them the heart keeps watching the path
Song from film: Aakhri Dao]

[I will wait, I will wait, For you till judgement day…
Song from film: Bahu Begum]

[Zenith has been reached, of the wait, No news is received, of my lover…
Song from film: Sharabi]

[Who are you, tell me, What is your name, what is it?
Song from film: Aasra]

[Despite my denials, I ended up loving you!
Song from film: Jab Jab Phool Khile]

[What would you know of faith, O faithless… To love, is not possible for you, To devote yourself to someone, is not possible for you.
Song from film: Haath Ki Safai]

[Listen to the voice of the heart, don’t just rely on tales, Look towards my eyes, don’t just go along with what others have to say…
Song from film: Humsaya]

[With your letter in hand, my dear, I set my foot somewhere, End up stepping elsewhere.
Song from film: Ardhangini]

[What is this place, friends? What sort of world is this?
Song from film: Umrao Jaan]

[Those that please you, Are the only words I’ll speak.
Song from film: Safar]

[With you, I am starting to fall in love…
Song from film: Shama]

[Be careful, mate, Be careful, Be careful, You are being watched…
Song from film: Pukar]

[We two, lovebirds, Are fleeing the world, All of life’s traditions, We are breaking.
Song from film: Ajnabi]

[You I have lost, after having found, Your memories assailed me, after you were gone.
Song from film: Aan

[A woman is one, who honors society, Only modesty is the religion of a woman in this world.
Song from film: Mother India]

[In a long time has this happy day arrived
Song from film: Zameer]

[Lady Catherine: O big hearted, falling in love, Is ok, But only sometimes.
Song from film: Patanga
Elizabeth: Even if the world opposes, There is no grief. Whoever challenges, We are not less than anyone.
Song from film: Hum Kisise Kum Nahin]

 [O great one, hold your heart (liver!), I have returned as your love, In your service, my lady, I present once again the same heart.
Song from film: Phir Wahi Dil Laya Hoon]

[Elizabeth: Say truthfully, you falling for me, Why did it happen and when?
Darcy:  I was slayed by your charms, That’s how it happened, in this manner.
Song from film: Sone Ki Chidiya]

I hope I have convinced you of Bollyviewer’s premise. But perhaps Bollyviewer has in fact missed some evidence? Do you know songs that would fit the iconic scenes of Pride and Prejudice? Please do share.

6 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice: The Musical

  1. Oh, I loved this post. Thank you so much for this! I remember many involved discussions with Bollyviewer, and a couple of others, many years ago when we tried to do that casting for a possible ‘Golden age of Hindi cinema’ P&P. I even went to the extent of taking screen shots of my preferred cast, with the thought that someday I might create something a storyboard of that.

    But this is absolutely superb. So much fun. Bollyviewer was a class apart.

    • Thank you Dustedoff – despite my initial misgivings, I really enjoyed making the screenshots – I was noticing things in the series that I hadn’t seen during multiple viewings before.
      I would so love to see your version of the P&P casting. And if you’ve also already taken the screenshots… 🙂

  2. Ruchira, what a wonderful post to keep Bollyviewer’s spirit alive! I remember giggling through that post on a fresh cast for P&P. Gosh, this brought back such memories! Do, do continue! I will continue to ping you (or haunt you!).

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