My interest in blogging arose thanks to my sister who started the blogs Old is Gold and Masala Punch and wrote under the pseudonym Bollyviewer. I love watching movies and reading books, and more than just that, I love discussing what I have read and watched. Bollyviewer and I, with our younger sister, have had lots of fun agreeing, disagreeing, poking fun, getting enthusiastic and weaving our own stories based on the stories we have read or watched. Bollyviewer’s posts were such a joy to read, as also was her interaction with other bloggers and readers. Her writings made me enthusiastic about blog writing and I have sporadically written posts on this blog. Bollyviewer is no more, but the interest she evoked in me about blogging remains. I intend to share my thoughts on movies, books and other random topics, through these blogs. And I hope to find people out there, willing to discuss further.

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