I am a biophysicist by training, a book-worm and movie-addict by inclination. I love old – books, movies, fashions, buildings…. Wish I could travel back in time to see how people lived “once upon a time”. So my reading and movie-watching is pretty skewed towards oldies. I love classic English literature, classic whodunits, period stories, romances, drama – in fact anything masala-y. My tastes in movies and TV series run along similar lines too – it must be fiction, it must be masala and if it stars some good-looking people, it gets bonus points!

I grew up in India, watching Bollywood oldies on DoorDarshan, in the days when it was the only channel on TV. So I am particularly fond of 1950s-70s Hindi films. When cable brought Turner Classic Movies to India, I caught the classic Hollywood bug. Since then, I’ve also ‘discovered’ other language films in India, not to mention innumerable TV series and movies from around the world.

This blog is my place to discuss what I am watching or reading, the place where I gush over favourites and rant against the ones I dislike. Though I’ll write mostly about old films (1950s-70s Bollywood and 1930s-1950s Hollywood), I also intend to discuss any new films, TV series or books that catch my eye.

Edited by Bollyspektator: Sadly, Bollyviewer, my sister and founder of this blog is no more.


19 thoughts on “BollyViewer

  1. Hi,
    So glad to find you active again. I had chanced upon your previous avatar “Old is Gold’ while trying to google “Nayika Sambad” (my fav hero meets runaway heroine movie), a few months back. I can identify with your thoughts on traveling back in time, and feasting on 50s-70s Bollywood and 30s-50s Hollywood movies (though 70s Bollywood might be a bit on the ‘newer side’!) In fact, I often wish I was born in the 30s (that is 10 years before my father) so that I could have spent my youth in 50s India, with its promise of new-found independence and some superbly talented people who dominated the cultural scene

    • Hi Soumyava, it’s always great to hear from a fellow retrophiliac. You won’t believe how unusual it is to find people who think “70s Bollywood might be a bit on the ‘newer side’” in real life. That’s the best thing about blogging – so many like-minded people around. 😀

      I’ve often wondered what it would have felt like, to watch a 50s movie in the 50s. Would it be any different from us watching a new movie now? Because if you were from those times, you wouldn’t keep thinking, “I am watching history being made, here. This kind of music/acting/dialogues, these actors and these plots won’t be there for long.” I’ve tried approaching new films in that spirit – you never know, they may become the Pakeezah or Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam of the twenty first century. Doesn’t work! Still, I do wish I was around in the 1940s, able to watch the freedom struggle from the front row and see the incredibly rich cultural scene first hand.

      • I like the term retrophiliac – now I know what I am!
        It would be interesting to read your take on two movies that I found very appealing – “Udayer Pathey” (Bimal Roy) and “It Happened One Night” (the original runaway heroine movie, must say I have a thing for this genre). Your writing style suits the “retro-reviews” (new term derived from retrophiliac) very well – and I look forward to many more of them

        • Thanks, Soumyava.

          I LOVE It Happened One Night and I was very fond of its most faithful Hindi remake, Dil Hai Maanta Nahin. I even liked Chori Chori which was a pretty good version of IHON. There are other less watchable versions around too – Suhana Safar starring Shashi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore, and the Shammi Kapoor-Nutan starrer Basant also has elements of IHON. If I ever hear of any other versions, I’ll watch! Speaking of runaway heroines, what do you think of Roman Holiday? It’s one of my favorites. I cannot recall any other runaway heroine films – any others you remember?

          Udayer Pathey I haven’t come across, but if Bimal Roy directed it, I am sure I’ll like it. I’ll look out for it.

          • Well, I could add a couple of Bengali ones – Chawa Pawa and Nayika Sambad, both starring Uttam Kumar. Roman Holiday is truly magical – especially the way it ends – it adds a real-life touch to the whole story

            • I have seen Nayika Sambad, and it was pretty sweet. I can’t remember whether I’ve seen Chawa Pawa or not, but its on youtube with English subs. So I’ll watch it one of these days.

          • Udayer Pathey has a Hindi version too – Humrahi (1945). I had watched the movie at Gaity Cinema in Bandra, many years ago during one of Bimal Roy’s birth anniversary celebration. The movie was way ahead of its times in every respect

        • Miranda, well said. I am all for unity amongst Retrophiliacs. 🙂 And isn’t it a lovely word? I discovered it recently, thanks to a random google search. Alternative terms suggested by google for people who love old things were palaeophiliac and archaiphiliac, but they are just not retro enough! 😉

  2. Hey when did you start blogging again under a new name! I stumbled upon this blog at exoticandirrational blog. Clicked out of curiosity and what do I find old is gold in a new avatar. I was wondering why old is gold not active – perhaps you were busy? Glad to have come across this space.

    • Hello Filmbuff! Glad to ‘see’ you again. 🙂 I was busy with work, then traveling and moving and did not have the energy to write, so Old is Gold languished. On an indefinite vacation in India, I decided it was time to blog again, and I started this blog a couple of months ago. The summer heat here, however, ensures that I do not spend much time with my laptop. So blogging is again on a hiatus!

  3. Bollyviewer – can u pls delete the above comment, I thought it was going to your personal email id not to your blog – thanks Filmbuff

  4. Found your review of Ek Saal while hunting for the storyline and enjoyed it. Liked your sense of humour and take on old habits bid films. Are you still writing. Your last one seems to be about 6 months old. Only interested in old B&W films.

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