My WordPress Woes!

I was full of enthusiasm at the start of this weekend. I had just finished drafting a new post and wanted to publish it. But once in WordPress, I couldn’t get the formatting right. I just wanted to format the post title and screenshots in WordPress, but have ended up changing the appearance theme! Apparently once activated, I cannot go back to the previous theme, which by the way, is not available in WordPress anymore. With the new theme I also lost the header images. Fortunately, I could find those back in Bollyviewer’s data but I am unable to make the images fit on the blog header such that they appear as a whole for mobile and tablet viewing.

So, I think this weekend will be dedicated to WordPress. I hope that I will be able to solve the issues and get down to the real business of blogging before next weekend! If you have any tips for me, please do let me know.

In the meantime, I am listening to this song:

Socha tha kya, Kya ho gaya!

Update: Switching to another theme seems to have helped.

4 thoughts on “My WordPress Woes!

  1. Oh, dear. Yes, WordPress has a habit of flinging up nasty surprises every now and then. 😦 Even though I’ve been blogging for more than 13 years now, I still run up against glitches occasionally.

    • Hmm…I hadn’t really thought about these kind of issues before! But I guess there is much more to blogging than writing, which I thought was already a lot. I am more and more impressed with bloggers like Anu and you who are constantly coming up with new posts, and each and every one of them so well-written too!

  2. I feel your pain, Bollyspektator. Blogger is no better. This is my 11th year blogging (though I desultorily posted in 2008, it was in 2011 that I really began to blog – and oh, my goodness, last year was my 10th anniversary! How did I forget that?!) and as dustedoff says, Blogger still htrows up unpleasant surprises! For my Lata’s dance songs post, the site decided to eat my entire post, just after I have put the links and photos in.

    • Oh, losing a whole post is even more painful. I seem to have found a solution for my issues for now by changing the theme. I guess, I will learn more slowly…
      More than 10 years blogging, wow, that’s a milestone! That definitely calls for a celebration. But since you’ve missed that one, perhaps you can follow the Dutch custom. Here in the Netherlands, we celebrate 12.5 year anniversaries (half of silver jubilee) rather than the 10 years.

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