My WordPress Woes!

I was full of enthusiasm at the start of this weekend. I had just finished drafting a new post and wanted to publish it. But once in WordPress, I couldn’t get the formatting right. I just wanted to format the post title and screenshots in WordPress, but have ended up changing the appearance theme! Apparently once activated, I cannot go back to the previous theme, which by the way, is not available in WordPress anymore. With the new theme I also lost the header images. Fortunately, I could find those back in Bollyviewer’s data but I am unable to make the images fit on the blog header such that they appear as a whole for mobile and tablet viewing.

So, I think this weekend will be dedicated to WordPress. I hope that I will be able to solve the issues and get down to the real business of blogging before next weekend! If you have any tips for me, please do let me know.

In the meantime, I am listening to this song:

Socha tha kya, Kya ho gaya!

Update: Switching to another theme seems to have helped.

Pride and Prejudice: The Musical

When I last posted on this blog, I was sure I would be working on Bollyviewer’s posts immediately to keep this blog alive and importantly, for myself, to remain connected with the blogging world, a connection that I have enjoyed via Bollyviewer all these years. It was easier said than done! Not wanting to face that sense of loss, which intensified every time I opened one of her incomplete posts, I preferred to distract myself with the demands of routine life – work and family. Which only made it more difficult to start with again. That was until a few weeks ago, when I received a mail from Anu, asking how I was. That little message, a reminder of the world that I have more or less disconnected from in the last year, but which I realize I have been missing, has given me the push to start again. Thank you, Anu!

So, here is one of the posts that Bollyviewer was working on and on which we had had lots of fun discussing, even through her illness.

Perhaps you might think, as did I, that Pride and Prejudice has been done to death in films and series. There are so many versions of this (longtime favorite of ours) story, on celluloid, that the plot now appears staid and repetitive; and the dialogues are so well known, that the words seem to have lost meaning. Well, then you haven’t contended with Bollyviewer’s take on it. And I am not talking about the fantasy casting coup that she and our youngest sister carried out earlier, with some really interesting contributions from the readers, but about Pride and Prejudice: The “Bollywood” Musical.

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