Tum Ho Na (2018)

Like me, you must have seen countless ads that tell you how using XXX product will get you the attention of beautiful, sexy women. But how often have you seen a gender-flip version of that – a product that promises the attentions of a sexy, beautiful man? If you don’t count Fair & Lovely, and I don’t because that only gets you a ‘good husband’, I can’t think of anything! So this Oppo F5 ad is unusual. Clocking in at over 13 minutes, it is a bit more than an ad, but given how central the product is to the plot, and how prominently it is displayed throughout, I cannot think of it as anything but an ad.

And in case you don’t have 13 minutes and 27 seconds to watch this, here’s a quick summary. Aditi (Kriti Kharbanda) has bought the F5 phone as a valentine gift for her long time boy friend (?) who chooses THE ROMANTIC DAY to break up with her. A while later, she decides to switch on the phone and try it herself. Naturally, her fingers dial the most familiar number of all – and instantly Siddharth Malhotra appears to tell her off for chasing after the ex and neglecting her goal of becoming a supermodel. Over the next few weeks/months, he (and the phone) help Aditi train for a modeling competition. You can imagine what happens next…


One may, of course, point to the fact that the ad talks about the woman’s looks and how they may be improved, but I’ll stick to the positives, instead.

2 Responses to Tum Ho Na (2018)

  1. Anu Warrier says:

    Hey, you’re back! 🙂

    I’ve been noticing these advertising shorts for some time now. Came across one hilarious one just yesterday about a story telling app called Aai, privacy aani mi.

    With this one, I’d no issues with the beauty part of it – if she’s going to be a model, then looks are damned important. My issue with it was more that she needed a man to ‘rescue’ her from – a man.

    • bollyviewer says:

      The storytelling app sounds good. I could do with some audiobooks, even though I do not need privacy from Mom! 🙂

      My issue with it was more that she needed a man to ‘rescue’ her from – a man.

      There is that too. But I am in glass-is-half-full mood – so will focus on the positives, instead.

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